Sunday, May 18, 2008

My Wing Sailing

My Wing Sailing

Early in the morning on a chilly May day, a painter, a sculptor and a poet set out to create an artwork. They scanned the beach for inspiration. It was a moody, grey place that filled it's visitors with a quiet, melancholy peace. Each of these artists differed in their medium of expertise and had something unique to offer. They also had something that they shared. It was the way in which all three had learned to explore and share and feel and try to understand through symbols, and more importantly, their desire and passion to do so.

On rain soaked Cannon Beach they found the skeletal remains of a bird. That is where it began. This object had many symbolic associations. A bird is often a symbol of connecting with a higher spirit. Seagulls in particular were believed to carry the souls of dead sailors and were considered an unlucky omen. So if this bird has long since passed, is that omen reversed?

In the process of creating this work the wings were separated, one being sailed into the ocean and one to remain. Was it a plea? Was it about a journey? Was it two parts of a whole? Did it represent the quest for immortality or triumph over death?

We invite you to watch our video and participate in this journey.

My Wing Sailing

The process of creating this artwork was unforgettable. Sometimes when working together, one can make personal discoveries. Thank you Kate Horowitz and Laura Mayer for being people with so much to offer, and so good at sharing it too.

I neglected to include in the credits that Stella, who took time out from her morning stroll on the beach to participate and contribute. Thank you Stella.

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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The show

If someone asked me what my dream art show would be I’d probably say…
I’d get to go somewhere really nice, maybe by the ocean. I’d have a friend travel with me to share it. I’d like her to be someone I really enjoy spending time with and maybe even make a movie about collaboration in a restaurant or something. It would be great to be greeted on the street by a local fan directly after arriving in town, remembered. I’d go visit my favorite shops and galleries in that area and be welcomed back into that town by excited, lovely people. I’d spend time with other artists and gallery staff that make me laugh until I cry as well as stimulate my mind with conversation.
I’d be so touch by the stories of collectors of my work that I would have to try really hard not to tear up at the generosity of others. A few friends might travel into town whom I haven’t seen for quite some time and buy me lunch. Maybe I’d get to meet some new interesting people who love art. I think I’d like to get up really early in the morning and make an artwork on the beach with a poet and a sculptor and send it out into the ocean. I’d really like to have lots of people show up to the unveiling of my paintings and laugh at all my jokes and tell me how much they really liked the work. Wouldn’t it be great too if I sold all of the paintings to people who really loved them in a matter of minutes so my head would spin and make me dizzy? Maybe even more that one person might want some of the paintings so there would be a drawing for who got to buy it. That’s just crazy.
I’d like to sign lots of prints and give drawings away. I’d like it if I got some gifts too…why not? Maybe like a really beautiful black coat and some expensive shoes and super cool bag that I’d been eyeing and maybe even a Cannon Beach sweatshirt. I’d be touched if a friend bought me a copy of his favorite book and another friend gave me a pot she threw and painted.
I wouldn’t have to worry about my kittens because I would feel very confident that my partner was taking care of all there was so I could be where I am.
I’d love to go out to eat Ecola Seafood with someone who makes me feel really good and then Mexican food with some people that I’m very fond of giggling with. I’d like to leave feeling really grateful for beautiful people who have given me so much that I’m overflowing with gratitude for life and art. It would be wonderful to get excited about making more artwork. I’d also like to leave with plans to come back and do it again next year.
Maybe it’s just a dream…in verse and rhyme?!

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A synopsis of the show, She Dreamed in Verse and Rhyme

Pondering Persephone was the painting I'd struggled over the most. It's a little different than the others in the way it had layer upon layer of glaze. The glazing gives it a rich surface. I like Persephone's pomegranate ring and her pondering gesture. It was worth the struggle.

Coming soon, Survivor Art Girls, Episode 2, Cannon Beach.

This episode has a different flavor than the first one. It's really beautiful. Sculptor Laura Mayer, writer Kate Horowitz and painter Cassandra Barney- a good combo.

It's funny because when I'm with my sister Emily, I really want want to entertain her and make her laugh. I was much more serious with Kate and Lala. Well, kind of serious...ish.

Laura is another amazing person. She's living the dream with her Art Garden in Ephrada Washington. She teaches and creates artwork in her own little shop. I'm proud of my friend.

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So this is how I remember it. All of the artworks were covered up until the unveiling.

People came in and out, asking questions, telling stories. Reed introduced me and suddenly it seemed like there were a lot more people there.

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I talked about the artwork then I was signing and then...

I looked over at a blank wall. It was pretty amazing that it all happened so fast. I was sorry that some people didn't get to see the paintings that were taken away quickly. I was also sad that there were several people who didn't get to buy the paintings that they wanted. I'd say I'll paint more for next year but...right! I'll see.

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At Collectors Gallery in Cannon Beach, I occationally do a little embellishing on the prints. I don't mind because I'm usually there a little longer than at most gallery shows.

It's a nice way to spend a little more time visiting with the collectors.

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Purple Moon is one of my two favorite stores in Cannon Beach. The owner of the store Abbas Atwc is generous, among other good qualities. He's a believer in karma. No doubt all of the good he gives out comes back to him in great amounts.

Abbas is also a painter. That's his super cool flower painting behind me. That coat that I'm wearing was a gift from him along with some very fancy shoes. His wife is as cute as he is. These are the kind of people I meet in Cannon Beach. Kate said it best when she was describing her impression of it all, she said that everyone there seemed to be quietly grateful for all of it.

Thanks Abbas.

Heather Christie played during the party that night. She has a beautiful voice.

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My very favorite part of these art shows is not the check in my pocket, it's the people I meet. I left Cannon Beach all filled up with love and gratitude. Same time next year....I'll be back.
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Episode 6

In an almost empty restaurant in Cannon Beach, Kate and I filmed a short video discussing our collaboration. I try to keep these practically professional videos short so I had to cut out a lot of good stuff. I really think that collaboration is important so that artwork doesn't become stagnant or the same. When I work with someone else I not only push myself but there is an energy there that is exciting. I know that at our unveiling, when Kate read a few of her poems, our audience participated in that energy too. So really it was a collaboration on many levels.

Episode 6, Discussing Collaboration

I trust my work. It's a collaboration with the material, and when it's viewed, it's a collaboration with the world.
-Kiki Smith
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Saturday, May 3, 2008


The unveiling of the paintings is tomorrow but some people really just can't even stand it. Luckily I have a few other paintings there to talk about until the grand moment when I pull off with black drapes to reveal my masterpieces.
Rod Fredrick started off the party tonight unveiling his latest work. He's quite a guy and good to have at parties.
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